Birmingham County Walking Football League Premier Division 

Solihull Moors 0 Coleshill Strollers 2

Sunday 25th February, 2024
2:30 Kick-Off

Coleshill Triumphs Over Moors in Tense Encounter

The game unfolded into a tense encounter where Moors, typically dominant, found themselves struggling against a determined Coleshill side.  The match began with a scrappy first goal, putting Coleshill in the lead early on. However, the momentum shifted with a contentious penalty decision that left Moors claiming injustice. The decision hung in the balance, with arguments on both sides, but ultimately stood, allowing Coleshill to extend their lead to 2-0 by halftime.

Entering the second half, Coleshill's defensive prowess came to the forefront, frustrating Moors' attempts to break through their lines. Despite relentless efforts from Moors, they couldn't find the breakthrough they desperately needed. As the final whistle blew, the score remained 2-0 in favour of Coleshill. It was a disappointing result for Moors, who admitted to freezing under pressure and failing to perform at their usual standard. Nonetheless, credit was given where it was due, with Coleshill hailed as the superior team on the day.

Amidst the sporting drama, a moment of concern arose as a spectator, collapsed during the match. However, there was a silver lining as reports later confirmed that he would be okay, easing the worries of all involved. Despite the disappointment of missing out on the league title, Moors vowed to use this setback as motivation to push even harder in the upcoming season. With a runner-up finish in a fiercely competitive league, they recognised the need to regroup and refocus, aiming to go one step further next season.

Attention now turns to the cup competitions, where Moors hope to make amends for their league disappointment and strive for success on a different stage. As they reflect on this match, Moors remain determined to learn from their mistakes and emerge stronger in their pursuit of glory.

Birmingham County Walking Football League Premier Division Final Standings

Birmingham County Walking Football League Premier Division 

Solihull Moors 4 Cadbury Athletic 1

Sunday 4th February, 2024
2:30 Kick-Off

Solihull Moors Strollers emerged victorious with a commanding 4-1 win over Cadbury Athletic in a closely contested match filled with high energy and skillful play. The encounter kicked off with both teams displaying remarkable determination, but it was Solihull Moors who managed to break the deadlock through an intricately crafted goal by Madhi.

However, Cadbury Athletic swiftly responded, leveling the score with a penalty. The match took an unexpected turn when Solihull Moors found themselves down to six men, but their possession-oriented style of play proved resilient. Despite the numerical disadvantage, Brendan Mulcahy showcased his prowess by netting a crisp volley, restoring Moors' lead.

As the second half commenced, windy conditions added an extra layer of challenge for both teams. Despite the weather hindrance, Solihull Moors extended their lead with a well-executed goal from Eddie Taylor, who emphatically smashed home the third. Brendan Mulcahy once again made his mark, completing the scoring and securing a comprehensive 4-1 victory for Solihull Moors Strollers.

A special acknowledgment goes to Steve Judd, who admirably stood in for Keith Batty and played a pivotal role in the team's success. The final scoreline reflects Solihull Moors Strollers' ability to overcome obstacles and deliver an impressive performance on the field.

Birmingham County Walking Football League Premier Division 

Solihull Moors 6 Hartshill Strollers 0

Sunday 21st January, 2024
2:30 Kick-Off

Solihull Moors asserted their dominance in a crucial clash against Hartshill Strollers on January 21st, securing a resounding 6-0 victory. The early moments witnessed cagey play, intensifying when Moors' striker Brendon Mulcahey received two warnings, prompting a reshuffling of the team.

Despite a series of missed opportunities in the first half, Solihull Moors deservedly took the lead at halftime. The second half saw Moors lift their performance, with Jason Moseley scoring two impeccably taken goals, firmly establishing their control. Further contributions came from Madhi and Rob Wilson, propelling Moors to a commanding 6-0 lead.

Goalkeeper Karl Clinton played a pivotal role, enjoying a quiet match with no saves required, thanks in part to his effective communication at the back. This victory marked another clean sheet for Moors, showcasing their defensive prowess. The team's commendable form was evident, culminating in a comfortable 6-0 win.

Manager Keith Batty said special thanks were extended to the entire team for their hard work and dedication, contributing to this impressive performance.

Goals: Wilson (2), Moseley (2), Madhi (2)

Birmingham County Walking Football League Premier Division 

Solihull Moors 3 Cadbury Athletic 1

Sunday 7th January, 2024
2:30 Kick-Off

In the first half, there was some impressive interplay, with Solihull unlucky not to extend their lead further. A penalty and a quick pass from Andy Powers resulted in a Robert Wilson brace, leaving the score 2-0 at halftime.

The second half was a scrappy affair, but Brendan Mulcahy increased the lead before Cadbury reduced the arrears. The game finished with Moors well on top, but our final pass in the last third let us down. A special shoutout to Daniel Deery for stepping in to help.

This victory moves us into 2nd place with three games to go, just one point behind Coleshill. It marks our first win with Keith Batty as the official manager.

Lineup: Carl Clinton, Robert Wilson, Brendan Mulcahy, Andy Powers, Brendan Maxwell, Jason Mosley, Eddie Taylor, Daniel Deery.

Manager: Keith Batty

Birmingham County Walking Football League Premier Division 

Solihull Moors 3 Birmingham WFC 0

Sunday 10th December, 2023
2:30 Kick-Off

Solihull Moors dominated the Premier Division match, securing a 3-0 victory against Birmingham WFC. Brendon Mulcahey opened the scoring, followed by goals from Rob Wilson and another from Mulcahey, showcasing Moors' clear superiority in this one-sided encounter.

Birmingham County Walking Football League Premier Division 

Solihull Moors 0 Coleshill Strollers 1

Sunday 26th November, 2023
2:30 Kick-Off

In a high-stakes encounter between Solihull Moors Strollers and Coleshill, the top two teams faced off with a cautious start, resulting in an even-paced clash. Coleshill claimed the lead with a contentious goal, going 1-0 up. Despite Solihull Moors' sustained dominance and numerous missed opportunities to secure a well-deserved goal, Coleshill held firm, ultimately securing a 1-0 victory in this premier top-of-the-table clash.