Billy Stokes

Director of Football

As the Director of Football, Billy Stokes is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the football club.

Steve Judd


As the Chairman of the team, Steve Judd plays a crucial role in leading and overseeing the overall operations and strategic direction of the football club.

Gary Broome


Gary Broome is responsible for managing the financial aspects of the team as the Treasurer. He handles budgeting, financial planning, and financial reporting to ensure the team's funds are used effectively.

John O'Dwyer


John O'Dwyer serves as the Secretary of the team, ensuring smooth communication and coordination among team members.

Brendan Maxwell

Club Captain

Brendan Maxwell is the Club Captain, responsible for leading the team and ensuring smooth operations within the club. As the Captain, Brendan takes on a leadership role, making important decisions and motivating team members. He plays a crucial role in fostering a positive and inclusive team culture, where everyone feels supported and valued.

Paul Clarke


Paul Clarke brings his expertise to the committee focused on comprehensive digital transformation. His role encompasses overseeing website design and updates, alongside enhancing the club's social media visibility across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Paul will aim to raise the profile of the club and attract sponsors and partners, as well as player recruitment.