Becoming a member of Solihull Moors Walking Football Club not only shows your support for the club but also opens the door to a range of exclusive benefits. For a nominal fee of £10, members gain access to a host of perks, making it a worthwhile investment.

1. Membership Card: Upon joining, members receive a personalised Solihull Moors Walking Football Club membership card, establishing a tangible connection to the club. This card serves as a badge of pride, allowing players to showcase their affiliation and access various member-only privileges.

2. Insurance to Play: One of the standout advantages of membership is the inclusion of insurance coverage for playing football. This added benefit provides members with peace of mind, ensuring that they are protected while enjoying the sport they love. Whether participating in organised matches or casual kickabouts, this insurance is a valuable safety net.

3. Voting Rights at the AGM: Members of Solihull Moors hold a pivotal role in the club's decision-making process. Your £10 membership fee grants you the right to vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), where important matters such as board elections, financial reports, and club policies are discussed and decided upon. This democratic approach empowers players to actively shape the future of the club.

4. Influence on Club Matters: Beyond the AGM, being a member provides a platform to voice opinions and contribute to club matters. Your input matters, and Solihull Moors Walking Football Club values the feedback and ideas of its members. This collaborative atmosphere fosters a strong sense of community, as players work together to enhance the overall experience for everyone involved.

1. Respect for Each Other:
Treat fellow players, coaches, and club members with kindness and consideration.
Avoid any form of discrimination, including but not limited to race, gender, age, or ability.

2. Respect for the Referee:
Acknowledge and abide by the decisions of the referee, showing sportsmanship at all times.
Refrain from any form of dissent or disrespectful behavior towards match officials.

3. Punctuality:
Arrive on time for training sessions and matches, demonstrating commitment to the team.
Communicate in advance if there are unavoidable delays or absences.

4. Fair Play:
Embrace the principles of fair play and integrity both on and off the pitch.
Encourage a positive and inclusive environment, fostering camaraderie among teammates.

5. Sportsmanship:
Celebrate successes and acknowledge opponents' achievements with grace and humility.
Uphold the spirit of fair competition, prioritising enjoyment and camaraderie over winning at all costs.

6. Communication:
Maintain open and respectful communication within the team, addressing concerns through appropriate channels.
Support a positive team atmosphere by avoiding gossip or negative discussions.

7. Representing the Club:
Be mindful of your actions and behavior as they reflect on the reputation of Solihull Moors Walking Football Club.
Promote the positive values of the club both on and off the field.

By adhering to this Code of Conduct, members contribute to a positive and respectful environment, ensuring that Solihull Moors Walking Football Club remains a place where everyone can enjoy the beautiful game.

Please submit the below form to confirm membership and your understanding and agreement with the Code of Conduct.

Solihull Moors Code of Conduct

Please submit this form to confirm membership and your understanding and agreement with the Code of Conduct.

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