Jason Mosley Retires 

Most of you who have known me will agree, I’m sure, that I am not the player that I was a year ago. I have known for a while that there is a problem with my knees, and this was confirmed recently when my consultant told me that the supportive structures around my kneecaps are disintegrating rapidly and to continue playing football will almost certainly lead to permanent damage. Whilst it was a relief to learn that there was a medical reason for my performances, it has still been a tough decision to leave football behind. I will not miss being unable to walk for two days after a game, but I will certainly miss all of you. I have fond memories of each of you and I’m deeply saddened to have to leave in this way. I will keep an eye on the Birmingham league and I fully expect you to be winners this time next year. My thanks to you all for your kind words, comments and memories, and special thanks to Brendan M, without whom it would not have been. Good luck and my very best wishes to you all. Jason.